How to make a reservation?
Please contact us via phone or e-mail for your booking. Check out the "Contact Us" Section of our Website. Our website has a “book now” feature, which shows availability, booking options and direct online payment.
Is there a place on the boat where I can store my personal items?
You can keep your personal items in the cabin. At least part of our crew is present on board at all times. We also provide safes on board for your valuables. We will not be held responsible for loss of personal items on the cruise.
Can I book a boat for myself and family?
Yes, we have an exclusivity scheme available. Please contact our office by phone, Whatsapp or email.
Are there snorkeling gears on board?
Yes, these will be provided on board, but you are welcome to bring your own.
What to take on the cruise?
  • Swim suit.
  • Sunscreen. (Not oily for safety reasons. Oil makes boat slippery)
  • Towels
  • Hats or Caps
Will I get cell phone service while cruising?
Yes, we have cell phone service on our catamarans as the cruise is not far from the island.
How do I know that my booking has been secured?
We will send you a confirmation of your booking via e-mail.
Can I get seasick?
The calm waters of the lagoon where we sail will not make you seasick, unless you are over-sensible to it. In that case, your pharmacist will help you to prevent it.
Are there toilets on board?
Toilets are available on all of our catamarans.
Are there areas protected from the sun on the boat?
All of our catamarans are equipped with shaded areas to protect you from the sun.
Is there Internet on the boats?
Yes, a Wi-Fi service will shortly be available on board. Please ask crew for package details.
Are there towels on the boats?
We recommend that you bring your own towels.
Can I still book a cruise if I don’t know how to swim?
We have life jackets and other gear on board so you can cruise with us worry-free. Kindly please inform us about your swimming abilities when you make your booking and when you step on one of our boats.
If I am new to snorkeling, will there be any instructors on board?
Yes, our crew will show you the basics of snorkeling.
Are the boats safe for children?
We are equipped with lifejackets, a first aid kit and a boat on standby for emergencies so your children and infants are in safe hands. Our staff and crew also receive training of international standing to better maintain the highest standards of safety on board.
Can you smoke on board?
Strictly no smoking in the covered cabins. However, you may smoke on the open spaces as instructed by the crew.
How to pay for the package?
We accept electronic bank transfers, Credit Cards or Cash. You can pay online with the “Online Booking” button available on our website.
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